Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You know your experiment may in fact be too big when...

1. It takes nearly an hour to simply label all the tubes you will need for your experiment.

2. Once your raw samples are in their first set of tubes, they take up three ice buckets (two is typically a large experiment).

3. Your processed samples take up five sample racks (I think the most I ever did before was three).

4. You work for 6 hours during the day, go study for an hour and a half, take a test, go home, shower, come back to work to then work another 5 hours. Being in lab at 0330 is a wee bit creepy.

5. You still have two hours of prep work the next day before you can even think about running your samples.

Note to self, never ever do a take down with 30 mice, 60 organs, and 180 processed sample tubes again!

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