Saturday, July 3, 2010


I hear car tires squealing, I flinch and wait for the sound of crushing metal.

I walk into elevators and immediately gauge whether or not I could fit a stretcher in it, with the most common answer being not.

I go past house were the front door is up three flight of steps, half a hill, and looks about as narrow as legally allowed and wonder how on earth would I get a patient down on a backboard, let a long a stretcher.

I glance at people and wonder what their underlying medical conditions are.

I look at buildings and wonder if everyone could get out fast enough in a fire.

I hear sirens and instead of wondering what they belong to, I try to tease out if its police, fire engine, ambulance, or squad and if its heading towards the highway or towards the hospital.

I no longer see the world simply as it is, I see it now as how I need to interact with it, read it and think 'what can I do in this situation?'


  1. And people wonder why we always act like we have one foot in the game when we're not even playing. I do the same thing because you never know when you might get sucked in and have to be 'on your game'. Pagers go off at the oddest times.
    Be Safe,

  2. Yes they do. Sadly my current station no longer uses them. Of course we are required to be in the station while riding so that does change the game a bit.

    And you are so right about being sucked in at the oddest time. Traffic always makes me nervous.

    You stay safe too!