Thursday, November 17, 2011

Molecular Biology

One of the few sciences where flicking is an acceptable form of mixing, alcohol is the be all end all of cleaning materials, and Carnation instant non-fat dry milk is the preferred protein solution to blot a Western Blot protein assay (though BSA is swiftly becoming even better).

As frustrating as it can be to be working on cells/proteins/DNA that I can't even see, the things one can discover from a single experiment can be immensely rewarding. This can be where the basic cause of a disease can be found or where a seminal discover on how a cell works comes to light.

And then the next day you can be cursing an experiment because you have no idea what just went wrong, just that it didn't work! Or you bacterial plates that had antibiotics on them decided to grow mold :) Too bad we didn't add anti-fungals to the plates!

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