Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finals: Its busy on the professors too!

Needless to say, its been a busy post Thanksgiving.

Several nights at the firehouse were we ran call all night (and then I went a taught the next morning. Thank you firehouse pitch black coffee!)

On top of that, I have had several experiments in lab that have lead to late nights frantically analyzing results, making figures, and proofing papers before deadlines.

Lets not even go into my frustrations with my bacteria at the moment. Needless to say, E. coli should not be this hard to grow. Its E. coli for crying out loud! It should be hard to kill these buggers! At least now they are growing on plates, now to just get them going in culture.

And last but not least, my poor students. I love them dearly but I sometimes pity them when this is just half of the review that I gave:

Bonus points for anyone who can tell me what the second pictures is explaining!


  1. Nerve depolarization and repolarization (including a transient absolute refractory phase).

    Thanks for joining my blog, by the way. I love to know that people are reading!

  2. Solitary Diner wins the point! I felt so bad having to teaching this to a 100 level undergraduate class but I (think) they go it!

    I have been enjoying your blog as I hope you will enjoy mine! And agreed, it is nice to know that someone is out their reading :)

  3. Bah, as a freshman in college (or rather, someone who just finished her freshman year in college), I'm telling you, we can handle it. :)