Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blizzard of Winter 2009

Like any good fire department, we not only staffed and overstaffed equipment when the snow storm hit last December, but we held a training too. I have to say, snowball fights in the middle of our parking lot in between apparatus training (we could only drive one at a time so there was some down time) was awesome! It was great stress relief and I discovered that my EMS gear is fantastic for the snow, keeping both the cold and the snow out.

It was also very nice to get a better grasp at how to drive some of the special apparatus. I know believe that yes, if needed, I could take this piece out and do some rescuing instead of just looking at it and thinking it is a pretty piece of equipment. If there ever is an emergency on a trail, I am confident I will know what to do!

The downside was the lack of preparation. I realize that where I live on the East Coast does not see this amount of snow often, but it does see snow. So why is the concept of plowing while it is snowing not done around here? Coming from central New York state, we never had issues with the snow on roads because whenever it snowed, the plows were out treating the roads and removing the snow. Perhaps it is just a difference in opinions, but when people can cross country ski in the middle of main thorough fairs there is a problem.

I will give the plows a shout out though because once they got to plowing, they were doing a good job at clearing the roads.

It also confuses me when people with cars that clearly should not be driven in deep snow (we had well over a foot and half on the ground that morning) not only drive on the roads, but then up a hill where traction gets even worse, I can’t help but shake my head at those who get stuck. I had made a point to borrow my sisters all wheel drive CRV that had snow tires (she’s up in NY and had come down for the holidays) for just this reason.

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