Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Alive and Kicking, Lessons Learned

If there is anything I can say about this year is that it has been a unique challenge. After so much time off and lulled by that sense that "I am in!" has been hard to get over. I have had to reteach myself how to learn, to assimilate knowledge, and how to do that while not completely falling apart. It been a challenge that I will always be working with by I am getting there. Motivation has never been my strong suit but I am working on that and may have figured a few things out by my last class at the end of last semester.

For anyone wanting tips, its this, figure out the many different ways you learn and then be willing to experiment with them constantly to figure out how you learn that subject best. Not only is it how you learn best, but its how you learn that material best. Don't learn to regurgitate, learn to use, it helps in the long run.

Find a school-life balance. There is nothing worse than putting one above the other as everything will eventually crumble if you do.

And find a destressor. I am still working on this as I am rather picky when in comes to my destressors. Yes, it makes finding a good one hard but it makes the find all the more rewarding. Its one of my goals for second year. I do need to be better about this, especially since the stress in my life has decided to increase ten fold. Hopefully this can become one of my outlets.

Till later and more thoughts rattle out of my head.

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